Frank Ocean, photographed by Collier Schorr

GAYLETTER was founded by Abi Benitez and Tom Jackson. For us the project has always been our platform to celebrate and spotlight the talented people who breathe new life into culture, art, fashion and writing.

We have been creating independent, insightful, and ass-out, content since 2008.

GAYLETTER is a small team. We are independent and we like it that way. It means we can create the kind of stories that interest us. We can explore weird avenues, and spend way too much time on an idea that maybe only makes sense to us.

A paid subscription helps us remain 100% independent and self-sufficient. It means we can continue to create the kinds of stories that are free from mainstream dogma. Stories that are aren’t necessarily timely, but always timeless.

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Here’s some examples of our recent posts you would get as a free subscriber:

📓 Lady Bunny on what happened to the gay community that could have a witty comeback and defend itself?

📓 Biking in Briefs

📓 Oliver Sim from the xx to the freedom of being a Hideous Bastard

Becoming a paid subscriber gives you more access and more content. You’ll also help us pay the writers, photographers, and editors that put it all together, along with the rent on our office and health insurance. But you’ll also get a whole lot in return.

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Matt Rogers photographed at the Bowery Hotel, NY

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Exploring the less-explored sides of queer art, culture, fashion and writing.
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